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A True Natural 9 hole

Championship Golf Course

About our Golf Course

In 1995, Al & Nelly Hendriks purchased the property, which at that time was used as a hobby farm.  The property is located along the C & E trail, the first highway from Calgary to Edmonton.  During that time, Al Hendriks also had a Turf Maintenance business which provided service to many golf courses in the surrounding area.  With many golf course machines & equipment, he decided to develop a golf course on the property.  With much thought and many walks over the property, Al and a good friend had planned & designed the course layout, and then began construction with the help of family & friends.  The design incorporated the natural contours of the landscape and water bodies with very little alterations making it a true natural golf course.  There was careful consideration made with the water runoff over the property with the existing water bodies as well.  The runoff, which is collected from a vast area and surrounding farmlands, eventually gets directed to flow over our property.  The sediments collected from these surrounding areas would naturally settle in our multi-stage ponds before entering the creek, a perfect solution for the environment.

In 2004, Pipestone Links Golf opened its doors and shortly after the RV Park.  In 2009, Al & Nelly’s son Jack joined the business and now oversees the entire business.  In 2010, Jack’s wife, Anita joined the business as well. In 2019, Jack & Anita took over the Business.


Throughout the years, we have carefully taken into consideration to find ways to conserve water and use techniques to better the quality of the golf course and facilities.  We care about nature and our planet and we aim to create an eco-friendly area by avoiding using noxious pesticides and using less water than a typical golf course uses to irrigate.


We are a family golf course which accommodates golfers of all ages and ability levels.  Initially there were three different tee boxes to play from, the blue tees being the most challenging and perfect to test ones skills.  Recently, we introduced our new forward tees, yellow.  These yellow tees were created for easier play and to help reduce the climbs in the valley for those who are walking.  All four different tees to play from, that will give you a different perspective of the course.


We look forward to you trying out our golf course, you won't be disappointed.

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