Course Overview

Hole #1

(Par 4)


A well placed drive up the right side will leave you a long iron or fairway wood to green.  A lay up at 150 yards will give you best chance to save Par.

 Blue 452
 White 416
 Red 380
 Yellow 314

Hole #2

(Par 5)


Slight dogleg Par 5.  A big drive will give you a chance to go in two.  Elevated green, so take extra club.  Leave your shot below the hole for better chance putt it in.  Lay up at 125 yards from green.

 Blue 471
 White 420
 Red 380
 Yellow 288

Hole #3

(Par 4)


Leave nothing in the bag on this long straight away Par 4.  Do not be long on your approach shot (or you make your first donation to the creek).

 Blue 452
 White 381
 Red 357
 Yellow 236

Hole #4

(Par 5)


Favor left of fairway to avoid creek, trees and pond.  A good drive will leave you 220 to the green.  Best lay up at 110 yards.

 Blue 485
 White 432
 Red 385
 Yellow 295

Hole #5

(Par 4)


Signature hole.  Play for the 150 yard marker at the widest part of the fairway off tees.  An accurate second is needed to access a green ringed by the creek.

 Blue 341
 White 301
 Red 265
 Yellow 265

Hole #6

(Par 3)


A mid to long iron, favoring left center of green will give you best chance for Par.

 Blue 195
 White 160
 Red 133
 Yellow 133

Hole #7

(Par 3)


Accurate club selection for this short Par 3.  Avoid being long (green surrounded by trouble).

 Blue 145
 White 130
 Red 130
 Yellow 116

Hole #8

(Par 4)


Good drive will give you 100 - 150 yards to the green which slopes right to left.  Favor right side.

 Blue 377
 White 310
 Red 298
 Yellow 231

Hole #9

(Par 4)


A long carry of 240 yards in the air is required to clear the creek, so a lay up to 135-150 yards is preffered (second shot may play long).  Flag color will dictate club selection.

 Blue 366
 White 346
 Red 279
 Yellow 206



Pipestone Links Golf Course and RV Park


Millet, Alberta, Canada

T0C 1Z0


Phone: 780-352-8788


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3 km South of Millet on 2A. 1 km East on TWP. 472.

Then 1 km North on Rge 242A.




8 km North of Wetaskiwin on 2A.  1 km East on TWP.472 . Then 1 km North on Rge. 242A.