Ladies League 2020

Tuesday June 2nd


*Please contact us for more information about the new league rules due to covid-19.

Registration required.  Tee-time will be require to play.  No walk-ons




Do you want to spend more time outside and enjoy

nature, meet new people and be more active?  Join

our Ladies League!


We understand that you may not be able to attend

all the time, that's why our League is a drop-in

format and no long term commitment is required!

However, the more you attend the more chance

you have to win a grand prize at the wind-up!


Our format is mainly individual play with a unique way to make it fair for everyone.  This also allows you to play with your own friends or join others.  Best ball format will be played on special occasions.


2020 League will commence on Tuesday June 2nd



*Please inquire about Ladies League sponsorship opportunities*



Pipestone Links Golf Course and RV Park


Millet, Alberta, Canada

T0C 1Z0


Phone: 780-352-8788


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3 km South of Millet on 2A. 1 km East on TWP. 472.

Then 1 km North on Rge 242A.




8 km North of Wetaskiwin on 2A.  1 km East on TWP.472 . Then 1 km North on Rge. 242A.