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Men's League Results - May 6, 2024

Updated: May 8



Texas Scramble:           Each player's tee shot (drive) must be used at least two times throughout 9 holes.

Round Robin:               Random, two team competition for low net score



After your round:


·         Putting competition:       Practice green

·         Chipping competition:    Temporary tees to #2 green; the ball has to come to rest within a flag length of the hole to be eligible to win.

·         Players get one attempt to win the cash pot.  Draws are split equally.  If there are no winners, there will be a carry-over.





·         Must have a minimum of 3 players for score to be eligible

·         Low score wins a point.  Draws and losses are zero points

·         During playoffs, teams compete for 1st place, etc. based on points earned.

·         Payouts for top 5 teams only (pro-shop credit)

·         No Mulligans or Gimmes.  Players must putt out on every hole.

NOTE: Team winnings will be paid out as pro-shop credit. Team challenges will be paid out after Quarter Finals based on standings in Pro-shop credit. Putting and Chipping contest is paid out in cash. Pro-shop credit can be used towards food & beverages, merchandise, a non-league night green fees and does not expire.

Here are all the games and results:

Team #

Team Names

NET Score

Win or Loss

Tier 1

Team 7

Grip 'n Rip



Team 3




Tier 2

Team 5

3-1/2 Men


Team 2

Par Tee Four



Tier 3

Team 4

Birdie Boyz



Team 6

Greener Pastures



Tier 4

Team 1

It takes a lot of Balls to golf like us



Team 10

Big Hitters



Tier 5

Team 9

Foot Wedge Mafia


Team 8




Team Low NET score - Grip 'n Rip - winning 7.25 each

Longest Putt #2 - Chris I - winning 14.5

Longest Putt #4 - Brian C - winning 14.5

Closest to the Target #5 - Blain G - winning 14.5

Closest to the Pin #6 - Blain G - winning 14.5

Putting Contest - Carry Over - 29.00

KP #2 (chip on) - Carry Over - 29.00

(within flag length or touch ball)

(all ties are split equally)

50/50 - Ticket# 7925769 - 43.00 - Winner = Richard S

(please email us if you have the winning ticket)

All unclaimed winnings will go towards Year Fund!

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