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Spark Golf

Social League 2024


(May 22nd to September 18th)

We’re excited to announce our new Spark Mixed League for 2024, starting on Wednesday, May 22nd!


Welcome to the Spark Golf League – your gateway to camaraderie, friendly competition, and countless rounds of fun!  If you're a golfer seeking a vibrant community to tee off with, look no further.  Our mixed league, spanning from May 22nd to September 18th, offers the perfect blend of social connections and sporting excitement.  Crafted with busy schedules in mind, we understand the juggle of work and family commitments, which is why our league caters to those eager to hit the links before the evening rush.  Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, join us in celebrating the love of the game.  Simply sign up through Spark Golf at the provided link and get ready to swing into a season of unforgettable moments and friendships!


In order to join, you are required to sign up with Spark Golf.

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