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Men's League Results - August 21st

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Here are all the games and results:

Note: The wind-up is scheduled for Monday, September 18th.

5:30pm Shotgun start. Catered Meal to follow...

1st Place Low NET combined score - 74.5; Darcy S & Richard S - winning 13.13 each

2nd Place Low NET combined score - 79; Mike S & Orville R - winning 10.50 each

3rd Place Low NET combined score - 79.1; Ryan M & Kevin S - winning 7.88 each

Last Place Low NET combined score - 88.9; Brian E & Steve L - winning 2.63 each

1st Place Low Gross combined score - 92; Ryan M & Kevin S -winning 10.50 each

Individual Low NET score - 33.4; Mike S - winning 13.65

Individual Low Gross score - 42; Mike S - winning 7.35

Longest Putt #4 - Bob M - winning 5.25

Closest to the Target #5 - Darcy S - winning 5.25

Closest to the Pin #6 - Ross V - winning 5.25

Putting Contest - Carry Over - 45.00

KP #2 (chip on) - Carry Over - 45.00

(within flag length or touch ball)

(all ties are split equally)

50/50 - Ticket# 7925403 - 53.00- Winner = Kevin S

(please email us if you have the winning ticket)

All unclaimed winnings will go towards Year Fund!

Every player's score is randomly combined with another player's score to determine who got the lowest score, etc. for the winnings.

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